CUT. Two people, nine lives, one movie. An interactive video story.


CUT is an interactive video story about the lives of the two protagonists Paul Schmidt and Clara Thomsen, who were killed in a tragic car crash in 2004. The video installation is made in accordance with the rooms of the Brotfabrik and the audience are presented with nine possible decisions. The associative moment-like video pictures, photography’s, and personal items gives hints, which evoke a reconstruction of their past. Who were Paul and Clara, and what relation did they have to each other and what dramatic concatenation of events leaded them into this deadly crash?
The Austrian concept artist Dieter Buchhart plays with the mechanisms of reality and fiction, freedom of choice, coincidence and destiny. Due to the different concatenation of events a reconstruction of memory and oblivion occurs. As the artist involves the audience actively in the game of life and death he dodges traditional expectations concerning art and art works and hereby starts a process which questions these mechanisms.